Most hospitals have staff and consultants to screen self-insured patients for Medicaid eligibility. This process is fairly simple and straight forward. But SSI eligible patients are usually passed-over by the Medicaid screeners, because SSI enrollment is a long, time consuming, resource intensive process. The good news is, that once successful, the SSI qualified individual is automatically provided Medicaid coverage, and Medicaid reimbursements to the hospital are retroactive to when the application was filed.

Transform bad debt to Medicaid payments, increase DSH, and reduce readmissions

Hospitals benefit from our SSI Enrollment program in three ways: (1) what were once unpaid bills become covered by Medicaid; (2) incremental SSI patient days are added to your DSH DPP formula, increasing DSH payments or possibly meeting the DSH and/or 340B thresholds; and (3) reducing readmissions.

The low income uninsured, tend to be heavy users of hospital services. Unable to afford preventative care, they tend not to fill prescriptions they can’t afford, fail to follow medical regimens, and ultimately find themselves back in the ER…over and over again. But once enrolled in SSI and provided Medicaid coverage, they begin to find their footing, and become healthier, relying on their primary care physician and not your ER as a last resort.

SSI Candidates are not charged for our services, and client hospital fees are contingent upon net gain by the provider.

Lawyers will typically charge up to $6,000 for preparing the SSI application, consulting and representation at hearings/challenges to the application. QRS charges the candidate nothing. Hospital fees are contingent upon payments received as the direct result of QRS SSI services.

Ask us for your network/hospital SSI revenue projections.

We would be happy to meet with you and your management team to discuss the program in more detail. Our SSI Enrollment experience has provided performance metrics that enable us to forecast revenue for your organization.

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