Quality Reimbursement Services (QRS) has been reviewing Medicare and Medicaid cost reports for more than twelve years.Our corporate office is located in Arcadia (CA). We also have offices located in Birmingham (AL), Scottsdale (AZ), Los Angeles (CA), Colorado Springs (CO), Jacksonville (FL), Chicago (IL), Detroit and Shelby Township (MI), Guttenberg (NJ), Dallas/Fort Worth (TX) and Spokane (WA). All of QRS' offices are dedicated to providing its' clients with the most comprehensive, interactive reimbursement assistance possible. Our corporate philosophy combines our experience in the Medicare and Medicaid programs with a commitment to keeping up with the latest news and court decisions for the benefit of our clients. We believe in a personal hands-on approach with our clients which fosters long term relationships, an aspect of which is to regularly share information with our clients.

QRS represented over 130 of 667 hospitals that participated in a $666.1 million settlement from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in a dispute over Medicare DSH reimbursement. This is believed to be the largest Medicare settlement in history and was concluded in March 2008 after more than four years of litigation. We were actively involved in the litigation and subsequent settlement negotiations.

Through the years, we have gained extensive expertise in the appeals process, not only at the Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB) level, but also at the Federal District and Appeals court. Our work with providers throughout the country and our professional reputation have helped us maintain a very amicable working relationship with many representatives of Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) which directly benefits our clients.

Additionally, we have created an extensive network of information resources, which helps to better prepare us for the representation of our clients. We are in direct contact with many of the leading health care law firms in the nation and often utilize their services in litigating Medicare and Medicaid in Federal and State Appeal forums.

We also regularly participate in educational forums to update our knowledge on the issues currently under dispute and any upcoming litigation as well. QRS consultants are active members of the Health Care Financial Management Association (HFMA) and the prestigious American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA).